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Reef Life Restoration has developed a nanotechnology-based artificial reef system that can restore large portions of coral reefs degraded by hurricanes, bleaching, overfishing, and acidification. The mineral compounds can be customized to site, species, and function in order to rapidly restore reefs, providing habitats for biodiverse marine plants, animals, and corals. Preserve, protect and enhance existing reefs, adding higher conservation values to ocean projects.
The system, named IntelliReefs, acts as an enhanced substrate precisely engineered to promote marine biodiversity through site-specific material substrates called Oceanite. Oceanite is an advanced porous material designed to increase the surface area per square meter while maintaining structural integrity and durability. The high-level strength of Oceanite allows the Reef Life team to develop innovative architectural designs that accomplish project and function-specific deployment objectives while withstanding harsh oceanic conditions and storms. Proven to attract and settle marine creatures faster than natural reefs


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