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The contemporary approach to politics and the economy largely ignores the history and philosophy that underpin our culture and drive current events. There has never been a greater need for deeper understanding and informed discussion of the interconnection of capital markets, government, and culture in society. This lack of intellectual footing is reinforced by the 24-hour news cycle, which exacerbates the decline of thoughtful analysis and discussion. Additionally, the increasing power of government and the concentration of control in the hands of a very few large institutions at a time of major political turmoil, social unrest, and economic volatility means Main Street and individual freedoms are being disregarded or sacrificed.

Through the gathering, analysis, and dissemination of information from a unique perspective, The Political Forum Institute (TPF Institute) seeks to build a powerful and enduring community dedicated to the values and beliefs of the American founding: free peoples, free minds, and free markets.

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