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United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) Ocean Literacy Project : We Are the Ocean ---

For the 75th UNGA, Peace Boat US and Experiential Atelier are joining forces to tell the story of Ocean Literacy through cultural diplomacy. The campaign “We Are the Ocean” is a multi-stakeholder initiative involving UN agencies, policymakers, diplomats, scientists, creatives, human rights & indigenous rights advocates.

We are looking currently for sponsors for a four minute action-oriented ocean solutions video and to continue Peace Boat's work towards education for ocean literacy through our educational programs. We will raise awareness and encourage positive action for the oceans, using the power of cultures from around the world, through diverse cultural diplomacy tools such as fashion, music, food, dance and technology.

A glimpse into our campaign:

We are Children of the Ocean. 60% percent of our bodies is water. We are both the drop - and the Ocean. The Ocean produces over half of the world’s oxygen. It’s literally the air we breathe.

But the Ocean is losing oxygen at an unprecedented and rapid rate – a trend that will continue with climate change.

What can we learn from the Ocean? How can we make her breathe and strengthen her voice whilst giving recognition to the voice of coastal constituencies worldwide? How can we use our voices and be the stewards of our Ocean for sustainable change?

We believe that this requires an increased awareness of our responsibility to the Ocean and the web of life that it supports. We are now even more globally connected by our challenges and there is an urgent need to tackle them together and act now.

The global estimated value of the blue economy is more than $USD 24 trillion (OECD, 2016), and by 2030, the blue economy will be outperforming the global economy as a whole. Within the blue economy, ocean energy is the fastest growing blue economy sector (Ocean Literacy Bridges Newsletter, 2019).

We invite a cohort of voices (YOU) who are the stewards of our ocean for sustainable change. We aim to change the narrative and build the demand and vision for transformation into our culture.

Mountain, island and ocean people are all connected through the sense of belonging that is intrinsic to their way of living. Our team shares a univocal vision and is a representation of what we would like to see in the world.

Hence, we’d like to use social impact storytelling (our video for UNGA in September and beyond with Peace Boat's educational programs for our Ocean and Climate Youth Ambassadors) to invite audiences to join us on a virtual journey through the ocean, earth, sky, over the mountains and forests with a voiceover in different languages and told from the perspectives of children’s openness and curiosity of the world and the wisdom of the elderly to create an understanding and awareness of our shared Ocean that is action and solution-oriented.


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