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In response to Covid-19 we have designed and produced a flat pattern face shield that can be compactly shipped to communities around the world. The face shield has been approved for use by hospital facilities and medical providers in 24 US States and Canada. We have delivered over 2,400 shields to date and have received extremely positive feedback on coverage, fit, and comfort from Nurses, ED doctors, Anesthesiologists, Respirator Therapists, OB/GYNs, EMTs, Radiologists, and Drive Thru Testing Sites. The shield is currently in use at Kaiser, UCLA, USC, Metropolitan Hospital of New York, John's Hopkins, and San Francisco General Hospital among others.

Because the shield is fabricated from 100 percent plastic (PETG), it can be easily cleaned for reuse. It provides excellent coverage by extending below the chin, around the face, and above the head. We are manufacturing our face shields in our fabrication facility in Downtown Los Angeles. During non-covid times we are designers and fabricators working in the scenic and motion picture industry in Los Angeles.

Thanks for your work and time and please visit our website for more information www.covid-19shields.com

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