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Lighting a candle in the darkest tunnel

With the vaccines rolling out, we can finally see through the light at the end of this pandemic tunnel. However, there are currently 55,916 people sleeping in NYC shelters each night. These homeless New Yorkers and people from low-income communities are still in danger and have much higher rates of getting infected by Covid 19 and new variants. 

Experts and health officials have said the spread of variants is concerning because they are far more contagious. If we have learned anything during this challenging year of COVID-19, it is the interconnectivity of communities. To protect the health in our immediate family, improving health in underserved areas must be addressed, particular in these vulnerable communities. They have much higher rates of serious underlying health problems; generally lack access to quality health care. 

Project Hope has teamed up with Givvor Charitable Foundation to work with NYC local nonprofit organizations to ensure that our neighbors get the help and protection they need to fight the last battle of this terrible crisis. 

We are raising $600,000 to provide all the necessary essentials including food, water, PPE and shelter to the most vulnerable. By donating on Givvor, we can bypass the red tape and bureaucracy that often delays timely responses to this type of crisis. 

Together we can make a difference.


Raised of $600,000.00 goal

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7 months, 1 week ago

We are proud to announce we were able to deliver 25,000 KN95 masks to Coalition for the Homeless in the Greater NYC Area!

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9 months, 1 week ago

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