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The annual fundraising campaign for Eliminate Poverty NOW is off to a flying start! In less than 3 weeks we’ve received $37,150 in contributions. Add in the 100% match by the EPN Board for any contribution up to $5,000 and total contributions to date stand at $48,096 or 53% of our $90,000 goal. That’s enough for 32 scholarships!! You can track our progress daily on this page to see how close we are to achieving our scholarship goal. Our sincere thanks to the early contributors who’ve sent us off to a rousing start. And to those who have yet to contribute, there’s still plenty of time to make your donation and take advantage of the 100% match. The offer ends December 31st. Let’s keep the momentum going! Help us reach our goal of 60 scholarships to recruit the first cohort of trained horticultural technicians in Niger.

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