Are you a Givvor?

What is Givvor?

GIVVOR Platform - GAAS - Giving As A Service

Givvor is an innovative cloud based technology developed specifically to provide givers and receivers, of any size, an affordable and customizable solution to better manage fundraising activities. Whether it’s development management, donation management, or sponsorship management, the Givvor technology platform streamlines and automates processes, deepens social engagement, and drives overall impact.

Why Givvor?

Givvor helps fundraisers reach, retain and engage the community they depend on to help create a better world!

Givvor is rooted in the principles of community, philanthropy and transparency. Givvor is focused on empowering your fundraising to attain distinct and remarkable results which are unachievable through other means. The Givvor platform is designed as your’Go To’ for efficient and effective fundraising.

Most donors give 2/3rds of their annual giving to a specific single cause which they are passionate about. And, they like to talk about their passions with friends,family and their extended community. That’s why Givvor can help your organization become their favorite and adopt your organization into their community. You not only get them as a donor… get their community.

The GIVVOR Platform democratizes the fundraising process by shifting power to the donors. When empowered donors are able to unite and inspire each other, people rally around the causes they believe in and impact society through giving.

How Givvor Works!

Use Technology to Connect People


Givvor connects people to other people who share common beliefs through the causes, political committees and organizations they support.

Harness the crowd

Your Givvor community will enhance fundraising through deeper, more meaningful engagement and greater connection through association with likeminded people who use their personal network to help drive the cause.

Connect likeminded people together

Givvor fosters direct, people to people connections which creates dynamic community engagement around shared passions and beliefs rather than mass-market solicitations.

Who is a Givvor?

You and all who give to others. People and communities of likeminded individuals who fund, fuel and create the change they believe in.

Over 1.5 million charities, social impact and political organizations resident on the Givvor platform are there for your exclusive access for ongoing engagement and donor connection. Join and participate in a community that best serves your giving objective and purpose.

Crowd Fundraising; qualified supporters are able to raise money for causes through fundraising campaigns, activities, events, and challenges. The impact of every donation is amplified to your community supporters.

Making money for your cause can be as easy as a post, tweet, or photo. Leaderboards, challenges, campaigns, and deadlines create friendly competition that make the process fun, viral, and vastly more effective.

When will Givvor be available ?

Givvor will be launching to a limited audience in Fall of 2018

If you would like to get early access to the platform, please provide your information below.

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