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Givvor is next-generation generosity

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If generosity matters to your CLIENTS,
Givvor matters to YOU

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Patrons of Disruption

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Don’t just be a donor, BE A GIVVOR


Collaborative Giving | Sustainable Philanthropy - Givvor facilitates and hosts donor engagement so that nonprofits can focus on the missions that drive them. Access tools to help build specific donation and fundraising strategies, uniquely tailored and customized to support your charge for change. Givvor centralizes and consolidates resources on an exclusively integrated platform so you can be confident in building trust, transparency, and profound impact. Join a new generation of donors, wealth managers, and employers by sparking meaningful and effective differences in the communities you love.

Who is GIVVOR for?

Givvor provides key stakeholders with the tools, platform and capabilities to unleash game-changers to change the game.


Givvor provides a seamless platform that helps you give to the causes you care about most. Customize your fundraising strategies, automate donations, and engage in community experiences, all in one place.


Share your mission and foster advocacy. Make your story heard and network with donors who share your passion to make a difference.

Trusted Advisors

Lead by Example. Be a proponent for the causes your foundation supports. Inspire charitable giving by sharing your impact and the changes you help drive. GIVVOR is an essential tool for any Financial Advisor, Wealth Manager, Tax or Legal Professional.


Give back meaningfully. Givvor helps you create, develop, and maintain your company's vision for giving. Support your team and promote a culture of generosity.

Givvor IS better informed giving

From dedicated donors to passionate nonprofits and trusted advisors, Givvor is built to maximize donor impact while creating a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to the mission of the nonprofit. Engaged donors means less time spent fundraising and more time devoted to the mission.

  • Each nonprofit has its own dedicated donor community.
  • Members have complete transparency into donations.
  • Donor communities are members’ only spaces for donors to connect.

Patrons of Disruption

Check out news, opinions and the occasional random thought on the Givvor blog


Purchase a Give Card for friend, family, employees, clients or anyone you want to inspire that giving spirit in. Givvor is a great gift for loved ones. Companies not only can give the gift of charity to their employees, shareholders or clients, it creates a community and culture of giving across your entire community.